Monday, July 28, 2008

The various forms of life in the Pea world

Now as a fair warning this post does contain some 'foul' language I apologize in advance. It is just a common part of our pea field culture.

There are several forms of 'life' in the world of Pea Harvests.

Shop Rats- The guys who work the shop and do various jobs. Some also double as Van Bitches, Parts Bitches and Foremen Wannabes.

Pea Fucks- Our very colorful name for the Pea Trucks. They were so named my freshman season as they are the ones most likely to screw up and pull some dumb shit move. Like running over peas, and forging their own lands where there wasn't one before.

Plant Rats- The people who work in the plant sorting, washing, freezing and processing our harvest.

Foremen- This is one of the people you do NOT want to piss off. They are the ones who control your life for 13 hours.

Field Boss- The Foreman's boss. Generally only seen at the beginning and end of a shift for 5.3 seconds as he tells you where to go.

Mechanics- aka your Best friend when your machine breaks. This is the guy who can fix anything on your machine when it's loose, breaks or is generally acting wonky.

Fieldy, Pea Bitch, Viner Driver- This is what I am. We are the ones who run the machines, and if angered have enough of a weight behind(and below) us that we can do major damage to you and your stuff.

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