Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Let the stress begin...

So now that it is officially July, it means that two things that have been stressing me out will now come to pass.

One- July 8th Mackenzie has her MRI on her brain. She will be sedated for it and the biggest stressor here is that as I understand it I will NOT be allowed into the room(or the viewing room) with her.

Two- July 22nd we have to go to the Neurologist appointment. In BELLEVUE. Bellevue is stressful enough for a 'country girl' like myself as it is a rather sizable city, and I do NOT like cities. Secondly there's the whole Neurologist thing. I don't get why we are going. Thankfully I can have our pediatrician explain it in 'idiot' terms on the 18th.

***Post is backdated*** Was written but never published (Sorry the stress has rather gotten to me this week).

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welshnikki said...

I hope Kenzie's MRI goes ok. Try not to let the stress get to you.