Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Great Zoo adventure

Today was a really long day. It started out not so great and ended pretty blah. See I was woken from a dead sleep by the toddler at 7, and shortly after I got her resettled in her bed, the phone rang. It was my grandmother calling to inform us that she was CERTAIN that she was dying or having a stroke and that we must come NOW. *sighs* so my mother headed off to her house and I went back to bed expecting to get another 2 or so hours of sleep. Instead Kenzie slept in until nearly 1pm.

Since I'd been up since about 10:30 I'd basically gone insane from staring at the same four walls. So I decided we needed to get out and do something. At first I figured we'd go to the mall and wander around for a while perusing the shops and all the great wonders. When Kenzie awoke I hurriedly dressed her and loaded her in the car anxious to leave. We started driving north with my awesome Canadian station blaring out my favorite country tunes. Next thing I know I glance around and realize that 'hey! we're in Bellingham, What the????' (for reference Bellingham is about 40 minutes north of me, the mall is 10 minutes away).

So since I didn't want to go to the Bellingham mall and quickly thinking on my feet I decided that we should just hop into Canada and go to the zoo. We hopped onto the Guide heading for the border whizzed through the border(though thank you Mr. Border Guard to be the first to question me about wether or not I really was allowed to have my child) and headed up the road for the Greater Vancouver Zoo(convinently located 10 minutes north of the Aldergrove border crossing).

We arrived at the zoo, and are cruising through the parking lot when my phone rings. Its my sister calling to inform me that they are on their way to pick up Howie(my grandmothers dog) as she was being admitted to the hospital. Of course while she was babbling on to me I'd found a prime parking spot, and parked and had pulled out my wallet to get the money to pay and what not. I hung up with my sister flipped open the wallet, and realized the only money I had was four 1 dollar bills. No check card, nothing. So I had to give up my primo parking spot, turn around and drag my sorry butt back to the states.

Though the trip was short lived, it was nice to be back in Canada again. I LOVE it up there, the atmosphere just recharges me.

Oh and my grandmother? She's fine, just a stress attack.

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Tranny Head said...

What a bummer! Oh well - glad your grandma is fine!