Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July round up

Since yesterday was the 4th I finally got to 'play' with my Jell-O creations I have been slaving over for weeks perfecting.

First Layer (Berry Blue Jell-O)

7-4-08 003

Second Layer (Cherry Jell-O)

7-4-08 008



7-4-08 010

Set but not done:

7-4-08 012

Top it off with some whip cream, and you got yourself Red, White, and Blue Jell-O!

7-4-08 017 

7-4-08 016  

After reviewing the paltry supply of explosives that the family had 'stocked up' on, I decided to forgo blowing crap up and instead poke fun at the teenagers whilst they tried to explode themselves. The show this year clocked in at a measly 47 minutes(last year by comparison was nearly an hour and a half long). Most of the fireworks(except the aerials done by my uncle) seemed rather small, and wussy, petering out half way through. Though it was rather interesting watching the slight clouds overhead lighting up bright as day as the neighbors attempted to blow up half the free world.

However I did get a chance (albeit brief) to blow the crap out of a couple of targets. Right up until my sister decided that I shouldn't get to because 'it isn't fair'(oh gee I've spent all day chasing a toddler while you blow up shit, and now I take 10 lousy minutes and its not fair? riiiiiiight).

I am once again wondering wether or not I come from the same gene pool as my family due to some rather 'risque' comments that were made(some towards me), and just some of the general joking that was going on. However since, I am trying to keep this a 'family friendly' blog, we won't go into the innuendos and whatnot(though I will say a general apology to all people from Arkansas, Kentucky, and West Virginia).


lysambre said...

Welcome back ! :)

The Jell-O shots look amazing ! Well done :D

I hope that the rest of your month of July won't be too stressful. I'll think about you and Mackenzie on the 8th, lots of positive thoughts.

welshnikki said...

ROFL. Love the jell-o. Sorry your 4th of July was so disapointing. I have a couple of friends who are good with fireworks. You know where this is going don't you?