Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Quick Update

I have yet to start working yet. We attended a 're-orientation' yesterday that was the biggest waste of an hour EVER!

Such phrases as the following were used:

* It's only a joke until its not a joke.- This was in reference to the company's harassment policy.

* We might start Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday ~beat, from the back of the room~ OR Thursday or Friday.

* You'll know at the end of your shift if your working the next day. Unless you aren't working. Than we'll call you. (there was more to this but my brain shut down)

* There was a very nerve wracking story about an incident that occurred in E. WA with the company. Lets just say, I will NOT be bringing glass with me. (Not that I would any ways)

1 comment:

welsh_nikki said...

The joys of pea picking. I think I'll stick to the day job. Don't forget to look out for dead bodies LOL.