Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day off yet not

Tuesdays are my day off. This week though was just as busy as a 'work' day. We had Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, and a Pediatrician appointment to follow up the neurology appointment.

I'll spare you the boring part of the ST and OT, and skip instead to the Ped's appointment.

We were just running a quick follow up to last weeks Neuro appointment, and our Ped was a little ticked because she wasn't able to get notes OR a dictation of any kind from the doctor(a week later). We discussed what he said, and she was a little perturbed that instead of going ahead with some tests he recommended that we 'wait and see' what happened. So she is having us do a blood draw to run the Fragile X test, and sending us to see a Geneticist just to be 'safe'.

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