Sunday, July 27, 2008

My 'baby'.....

To give you a comparison how lucky I am this year I have some photos from last year and one from this year of the machines I USED to run.

I apologize for the quality these were all either shot A) on the move or B) with a camera phone

Old #1, She was a sweet, sweet ride if you forgot about the giant crack in the windshield and the fact only half her lights ran.....


Harvest in progress: (taken on #4- my 'baby' last year)


#2- I haven't actually RAN #2, but its a POS from what I hear. First night out this season and it apparently caught on FIRE.

07-26-08 001

My 'baby' this year #38. I love her so much, she has Air Conditioning AND heat(the old ones have AC and that's it), a radio that works, monitors, lights, and a sweet joystick that controls everything.

Bin side(the side that we dump from):

07-26-08 002

Ladder side(the side with the cab ladder):

07-26-08 003

I'll try and snap some pictures next shift of the cab, so y'all can see the space in which I actually work.

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welsh_nikki said...

why do I find myself thinking of puddlejumpers?