Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ducks, ducks everywhere, yet not a duck to spare

5-7-09 005

5-7-09 006

5-7-09 007

5-7-09 008


    Today saw the arrival of two new ducklings to the poultry clan. They join the other two ducklings who are already chilling in the cage with the chicks and are yet un-named. So this will bring us to a total of 6 ducks.

4 Blue Swedish

1 Runner(seriously he needs some therapy)

and a Rouen.


Ought to be an interesting mix.


Neither of the older two ducks are named as nothing has quite seemed right(even though I’ve had the older swede for almost a year now) so any suggestions are welcome.


Oh and if you recall last year about this time:


5-12-08 006

5-12-08 003

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