Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Life’s little Ironies

So today in English class the Professor of DOOM! handed back our Personal Essays that we wrote approximately 3 weeks ago now.  When I’d originally gotten mine back I had FREAKED out because of how many changes and edits the Prof wanted. Then I spent a whole weekend editing and ripping my hair out and re-editing, and revising until it was ‘perfect’.


Today when he handed it back he looked at me and asked:

PoD: “So have you ever been published?”
me: “Uhm, no, no I have not. I’ve submitted but never been published.”
PoD: “Oh. Well you should change to an English Major. You’re good at this”

me: o..0 “Uh…Okay, sure whatever.”


I felt like being all “yes, I’ve been published and that is totally why I am in this REMEDIAL English(okay, actually I am taking it by choice as I could have tested out of it but decided not to) class.


Was a little peeved that the PoD didn’t seem to notice my comment about the book we are reading that flat out called the book despicable. Though it may have just been the cloak and dagger I used to disguise it when I was jabbing it into his precious title.

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welshnikki said...

ok so this made me laugh so much.

And you so have been published (if squirrelfic counts) lol

And you are good at it - your stories and poems are great. (not biased at all here)