Sunday, August 10, 2008

What a way to start the day....

So yesterday at work was quite eventful. Apart from ending the night with a mini birthday celebration, it was CRAZY!

So we arrived found out we were in the midst of another Plant Flood. Though this time we were told to fill up our bins(as we needed to get the heck out of the field and couldn't sit and wait).

I filled my bin and was sitting chatting with A from day crew(as he is the helper) and we were laughing and joking then the truck showed up and dumped us. So we got back to work on our piece of field, when suddenly we got a lower infeed clog. Nothing quite says fun like digging through wet pea vines in the rain!

The foreman had me go and line up and start 'sticking off'(cleaning the sides of the machine) for the road move. We lined all the viners up and were getting ready to move. Suddenly we are being SCREAMED at to 'get on the road' so we all scrambled up into our machines, and start heading out. This is where the trouble started.

At the field entrance there was a low hanging wire that went to a house. We have our 'dump on the go' bins that we are supposed to run out as they stick up rather high(more than most wires).

I had run mine out but clipped the wire with my antenna, though did no damage. The viner behind me(I was lead) got under it okay as well, and I had pulled up onto the road and was stopped parallel to the house. I glanced over my shoulder and saw that the 3rd viner had his D.o.G up, and I was reaching down for my CB when BANG! the house next to me goes black. I knew immediately that he'd caught the wire, and was all 'oh crap', the field boss(not the foreman) started screaming to stop(as it WAS a live wire) which he thankfully did. They then had to slowly back the machine out of the line, and NOT pull down the pole it was tugging on. They got the machine out and onto the road and we were able to move onto our field(thankfully the driver was NOT injured).

We got to our 'new' field(it was the back half of a field we'd done previously) and I opened(was the front most machine in a 'parade'*)

I tried to cut a land but that didn't go so well. See when you cut one you are supposed to cut straight using a point on the horizon in the direction of the angle you need. Well the foreman only gave me directions over the radio and didn't hop up and point where I needed to go(the most left, southwest corner of the field is what I was told) so it ended up rather screwy and curved. Of course this got the boys ribbing me that I must of started drinking rather early, since it wasn't my birthday yet. No, just the fact that my point I'd picked happened to be a plane really didn't help.

So we played with another crew(my dads) and we ripped the crud out of the field and got it all done by midnight. We shut down and the boys and I were sitting around ribbing J about his little 'electrifying' experience when they started ribbing me that I should go on a B-double E-double R-U-N of course I did NOT contribute to the delinquency of minors. So hopefully later I get to go out to dinner and celebrate my birthday.


Anonymous said...

I'm probably late at doing so but : HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :D

Tranny Head said...

Happy birthday ... try to dry off!