Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rolling along, harvesting

I also snapped some videos (from inside my cab) while I was driving.

Control Panel pictures:

8-1-08 002

The buttons on the left of the picture are my levelers, the yellow button starts my harvester, and the ones on the right control various aspects: throttle, parking brake, six wheel/four wheel drive, road/field gear, tine speed, tine height, and the concave(header cover height).


8-1-08 004

How we tell which speed we are throttling up to. Are you going rabbit? Or Turtle?


8-1-08 006

My joystick that controls all the harvest functions.   The top two yellow buttons are side-to-side levelers, the middle red buttons are to raise the header(part that harvests the peas) up is to drop it and down it to raise it, the green buttons on either side are the ones that slide my bin.

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welsh_nikki said...

ohmygod, they actually put little rabit and turtle pics on the button? I thought rabbit and turtle were just pea picker slang