Monday, August 4, 2008

Pictures, pictures, pictures

8-1-08 017

8-1-08 018

8-1-08 019

8-1-08 020

8-1-08 021

8-1-08 022

8-1-08 024

       These were all taken the other morning, after a long stormy night. The sun started coming up, through the clouds when suddenly off in the distance it broke through the clouds lighting up the land.


Melissa said...

Actually I have yet to see the X-Files movie. What kind of a "supposed" superfan am I? Actually, it's a combination of waiting for a flaky friend who claims they want to see it and is making me wait--and weekend activies such as weddings. I've heard so-so reviews, but I'll see it anyway! :)


Anonymous said...

So many fields of green peas ! My favorite veggie... makes me want to be there to see how all of this works ;)