Saturday, August 9, 2008

Plant Floods

One of the most annoying aspects of this job has to be when the plant 'floods'.

This happens when 1 or 2 things occur:

1) A particular crew(s) hits a 'high yield field' and swamps their trucks with peas, thus swamping the plant

2) Shift change when all the trucks are coming back for 'clean up'(the last dump).

Last night we had a record 4 hour plant flood. Apparently between the combination of both a high yield field and a shift change, they flooded the plant out.

So we arrived in our field (late) at 4:30, and sat there doing NOTHING until 8pm. We literally stood around BS'ing from about 5:45 until 8. Than we fired up our viners, got to vining and almost flooded our poor trucks at one point.

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