Friday, August 29, 2008

Can you identify this item?

So a few days ago my machine ran over a rather odd(but not completely out of place) item in one of our fields. Think you can identify what it is?

08-15-08 002

08-15-08 004

08-15-08 003

08-15-08 001


Anonymous said...

I Know...I know.. raises hand... pick me... It is a duck decoy! RIGHT!!!! Okay...what do I win!!!


Lacey said...

Aw Man she took my answer.. can I see be second place

Tranny Head said...

Damnit, anonymous. Well ... my guess was actually a "wooden duck," but it's the same thing, I guess.

welshnikki said...

The outside is painted like the body of a duck, but the shape reminds me of the petrol tank of a motorbike. weird !

I'm never any good at these guessing games.

Ishshah said...

Hey Kassandra,

I finaly figured out to register, so I won't have to post as anonymous any more... SO what do I win for guessing it was duck decoy??? Perhaps... pea soup???