Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Now for something, slippery, slimy and all together ooky

A while ago I promised a friend that if/when I got a chance I would snap a picture of some of our larger slugs around here.

Now I live in the northwest and we are known for our rain, but right now it is our 'dry spell' *shhh!* don't let that out! So it is rather hard to find slugs.

That is until the other day, when I came home and found this little beauty lounging by my front door. Now I apologize for the cruddiness of the pictures but they were both snapped with my cell phone after a loooong night at work, then breakfast.

I estimate that he when fully stretched out was probably 6-7 inches in length.

08-20-08 007

08-20-08 008


Elyse said...

Thanks!!! :)

Dew said...

Gotta love the homeless snails. heh heh. That's what we thought slugs were are there are only snails in Cali where we grew up before moving here. Just be sure to never step on one, especially with just socks on. The goo never comes out.

Tranny Head said...

Ugh ... I always thought it was mean when kids poured salt on 'em to watch 'em dissolve. don't get me wrong - they're gross, but I don't knwo that death by salt is necessary.