Thursday, August 21, 2008

So I need a good story to go with this

08-20-08 006

See that giant scar up there? Yeah, the REAL story of how it happened is pretty embarassing(I'll share it at the end of the entry). So I need a good story as to why I have it.

Backround info:

* It is about 4-5 inches long, and a year old

* It's on my upper right arm

Current explanations include:

* So I tried to pay for gas with it but apparently they are only taking LEFT arms these days.

* I got in a fight- but if you think THATS bad- you should see the other guy!

* Oh, that? Its nothing, kid just tried to steal my machine, and I wrestled him for it- a little too close to the header(harvesting part)


So what is the REAL story, you ask?

Last summer, when I was working nights I came home after an extra long shift(about 15 hours), and crashed out in bed. My cat was sleeping next to me in the bed, and at some point during the day had a bad dream, during which she was fleeing some horribly horrible creature(or at least I hope it was horrible). During her escape attempt she decided to take a flying leap off the bed, launching herself from my arm onto whatever. I woke up and found this lovely gash, along with 3 smaller gashes from her toes.


Tranny Head said...

Good grief - that cat has hella long toenails. That's a crazy gash from a cat.

I like the gas station story the best.

welshnikki said...


My mum once got some nasty scratches from a rabbit, of all things.