Monday, December 14, 2009

Facebook Quiz #1

Okay I’ve been at a complete loss lately as to what to post(hence no posts). So I found some fun Facebook Quizzes over at one of my favorite blogs “A Thousand Words” since I am nothing but a dork I decided to borrow them.

Basic Info
Do you like to cook?: Sometimes
Do you eat out more often than you cook?: if I can
Do you like sports?: Heck yes
How do you spend your free time?: on the internet or reading
What state are you from?: Washington

soda?: Club soda (yes I do realize I’m a freak)
kind of cooked fish?: Salmon I guess?
activity to do with your kids?: depends on the day
thing you like to do alone?: read, write, surf the net
thing you like to do with your loved one?: nothing

Have you Ever
been camping?: yes
sucked helium from a balloon?: yup
walked around your house naked?: sure a long time ago
wanted to live in another country?: hell yeah. All the time. I blame my Canadian blood
been banned from somewhere?: not that I’m aware of

Do you
lie or always tell the truth?: Try to always tell the truth
have a college degree?: working on it
have a lot of friends on your facebook?: I guess you could say that…
grow your own vegetables?: sure do
feel your are a creative person?: depends on in what way you mean? Writing yes. Art? No

What is
your mother like?: Insane, like totally insane in the not good way
your father like?: Fun to be around most of the time
your motto?: Always do what you can.
your religion?: mixed
something you couldn't do as a child that you do now?: tons of things

Crosswords or Word Search?: Word Search
Are you passive or aggressive?: depends on the situation
Play in the snow or Stay inside and drink cocoa?: play in the snow. until someone starts to cry. Than it sucks.
Better to be rich and alone or poor with lots of love?: Uh…it’s a toss up.

On a first date, what would make you leave early?: idiocy and uncomfortableness I guess
Do you kiss on the first date?: uh well I don’t know I’ve only been on a few first dates
How old were you when you first dated?: 16
Would you date someone that used to do drugs?: yeah
Would you care if your significant other went to a strip club?: depends I guess…

If I had to spend $1000 in one day I'd....: not know where to start.
I usually shop at...: the feed store
My biggest concern right now is....: a lot of things but probably my car
I'm so happy that....: it stopped snowing
I am totally craving a....: snickers

Halloween?: I think it was a bee?
time you bought a computer?: four years ago
text today?: I don’t think I want to repeat it.
person you talked to today?: Some random person at my college
person you called today on the phone?: see above

time you caught someone lying?: uh…I don’t remember
time you went shopping?: Saturday. It was hell.
time you flew in a plane?: November 21st, 2008 I think? It was after I went to Burbank
trip you took?: Vancouver, April 2009
time you slept on the floor?: This summer


Kendra said...

Woot! I talked you into it :)

seriously? club soda? hmm...I've never actually drank it...weird...

LOVE what you said about 'mom'. At least we understand each other, lol.

I'm so happy that: its HASN'T snowed, lol

Mackenzies Momma said...

Club Soda it gives you the fizz of regular soda without the caffeine AND you can add fruit juice and make your own soda.

We live in the foothills so it is a frequent occurrence around here.

Kendra said...

I did NOT know that about club soda! I might just have to try that :)

(I drink too much soda and the caffeine is not good for me..makes me anemic)