Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 4 in a row…

I work again tonight it ought to be interesting to see if its a full night as they promised or just a partial. Have had some ‘fun’ fields the last few shifts.

Saturday night we had 2 fields- a measly 8 acre that took about 2 hours to do and then a larger 20ish acre one. The 20ish acre one came complete with its own light show as a large lightning storm hit the area with something we rarely see in the northwest- Bolt lightning. I was unfortunately too busy driving/trying not to freak the crap out(I do NOT like lightning) to take any pictures of it as some of it was really beautiful.

Sunday we had 2 fields as well one that we finished up(it was fun because it was really dead throughout) and one that had the mother of all ditches. Normally when we encounter ditches they are along one or 2 sides of a field and really narrow but this one ran along the back 2/3’rds of the field was curvy, wide and deep. Thankfully I’m the queen of bin filling and was able to slide and shift my bin to the point that I was able to just make it off the ditch before having to dump and got myself an ‘atta girl’ from the helper.

Last night we just had one field that was a 'treat’ in and of itself because it had a couple of unique features- it had a tree and a well in the middle of it. Now while that may not sound real special its a pain in the butt. Especially when farmers plant right up to the tree/well/thing we aren’t supposed to run over. I took on the tree and then cleaned up the edge of the field and a couple of odd corner pieces that had to be chopped up as well. Got off early and came home.

For today’s video we have a sample of what its like to be in the cab for 12 hours. Literally all we have to follow is in front of us, the readout is the only *real* light in there. In the brief shot of my readout my barrel pressure is about 1800-2000 and my speed is 2 MPH(that is zipping right along actually).

I have some others and I hope to be able to snap more soon but I’m not making any promises as to snap videos requires relinquishing control of the machine to someone else and getting out of my cab.

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PinkPanthress said...

it had a tree and a well in the middle of it...
WTF? I wonder what those farmers were thinking when they put them right in the middle. :/

Interesting video, I'v never seen a 'readout' before.